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NEW CPR and First Aid Guidelines 2015

2015 AHA Guidelines

In Essence,

Compression depth for adults changed from at least 2 inches to 2 to 2.4 inches

Breathing Adult in presence of Advanced Airway..Changed form 1 breath every 6 to 8 seconds yo 1 breath every 6 seconds

Administration of Narcan (where available) recommended asap in suspected opiate overdoses

First Aid Changes:

Excessive bleeding..Direct Pressure at least 5 minutes

Tourniquets can be used if direct pressure does not work

Hemostatic DRESSINGS may be used

Open Chest Wounds to be left exposed

Glucose tabs for Hyperglycemia recommended

Unresponsive but breathing..Place on.EITHER Side

Allergic Reaction..2nd dose of Epi pen if 1st dose does not work and help is more than 5 minutes away..






                                                   Lead Response Inc. designated as official Training Center with ECSI, will be training others to become CPR Instructors

                                         Lead Response continues to train companies all over the Midwest. As I reminder, there are numerous links below,(highlight) click on them to see interesting                                                         articles/stats, 

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Most People Unwilling to Use 

Automatic External Defibrillators 

Washington, DC- A Dutch study published online Monday in Annals of Emergency Medicine reports that less than half (47 percent) of people in a public place with access to an automatic external defibrillator (AED) would be willing to use it, with more than half (53 percent) unable even to recognize one ("Public Access Defibrillation: Time to Access the Public"). 

"An AED is only beneficial if a bystander is willing to use it when someone is in cardiac arrest,” said lead study author Patrick Schober, MD, Ph.D., of V.U. University Medical Center in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. “AEDs are increasingly available in public places, such as the train station where we conducted our survey. However, in our study, only 28 percent of participants correctly identified the AED, knew its purpose and expressed a willingness to use it.” 

Just over one-third (34 percent) of participants stated that anyone is allowed to use an AED, with nearly half (49 percent) believing only trained personnel may use it. The most frequently mentioned reason given for not using an AED was not knowing how it works (69 percent), following by fear of harming the victim (14 percent). Only 6 percent of study participants spontaneously mentioned AEDs in response to a question about what should be done as quickly as possible for someone suspected of being in cardiac arrest. 

Sudden cardiac arrest is a leading cause of mortality in North America and Europe. Odds of survival decline by 7 to 10 percent per minute of delay in defibrillation. AED application by bystanders saves only 1.4 lives per one million people in North America. 

“AEDs are actually very easy to use, but it is obvious that the public has not gotten that message,” said Dr. Schober. “Only a minority of individuals demonstrated both knowledge and willingness to operate an AED. Wide-scale public information campaigns are an important next step to exploit the lifesavings potential of public AEDs.”


3 Day Trainining completed for theChicago Dental Society

Great job to all who participated, special thanks to CDS and my assistants, Jim Oshea and Sid Blustein

"I've taken CPR Basic Life Support training many times..this is the best and most effective class I've ever attended!"



 Thank you for ALL your participation!!






                   Lead Response now licensed to provide SECURITY MEDICS!

                                   Security personnel are often the first on the scene to an emergency. I strongly believe that having Security personnel that are also trained, equipped, and experienced, as medics will, in fact, provide efficient security and expert ems coverage for any event, work place, or  

personal protection. Call for more info                                      

       Classes and Coverage  Available around the Clock!



American Heart Association and National Safety Council First Aid Program meets or exceedes OSHA requirements:

From OSHA.Gov: First Aid Programs

First aid training is primarily received through the American Heart Association,, the National Safety Council (NSC), and Red Cross.

After completing the course and successfully passing the written and practical tests, trainees receive two certificates; (adult CPR and first aid). An emphasis on quick response to first aid situations is incorporated throughout the program. Other program elements include: basic first aid intervention, basic adult cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and universal precautions for self-protection. Specific program elements include training specific to the type of injury: shock, bleeding, poisoning, burns, temperature extremes, musculoskeletal injuries, bites and stings, medical emergencies, and confined spaces. Instruction in the principles and first aid intervention of injuries will cover the following sites: head and neck, eye, nose, mouth and teeth, chest, abdomen, and hand, finger, and foot injuries. Employers are responsible for the type, amount, and maintenance of first aid supplies needed for their particular program. The training program should be periodically reviewed with current first aid techniques and knowledge. Basic adult CPR retesting should occur every year and first aid skills and knowledge should be reviewed every three years. The references below provide further fundamentals to help develop and maintain first aid program and skills.

Compressions, Airway, and Breathing




"Wonderful class. Lecture and hands on training very helpful." DHSEM

" Professional, passionate, and very well done." DHSEM

"Hands down, by far, the most informative CPR class I ever attended in my professional career."DHSEM 

"Amazing presentation of CPR! Interactive and wonderful energy." Midwest College

"Great presentation, taken several classes, this was the best." Midwest College

"Very well taught, clear and concise." Midwest College

"CPR class was very well organized and full of information. Learning was easy, engaging, and hands on with life like mannequins, AED machines, masks, and mouth barriers." MWC

"Instructors had great energy that helped encourage continued engagement. Instruction was very clear and course well organized. If someone needed CPR, I feel confident in responding following this course."  Midwest Collegec

"Great instructors that went above and beyond for our class. They taught our class every last minute and were very professional and efficient!" Midwest College

From CDS 149th Mid Winter Meeting: Thank you for all the great feedback!!

"I've taken CPR Basic Life Support training many times..this is the best and most effective class I''ve ever attended!"

"Just a quick note to say that  I thoroughly enjoyed your CPR class yesterday.  Your passion, knowledge and sense of humor in what you do certainly comes through in your presentation.  Great job and thanks again. All the best," 

Great presentation, lots of positive Energy"

"Very Well organized and informative"

"Loved the Hands On Training"

"Very good presentation, Instructors were perfect for this type of Class"

"Excellent course..Thank you. The most useful course at this convention"

"Great course and good use of time, thanks!"

"An enjoyable class...NOT DULL!!"

Thanks Tom for the CPR/First Aid Training Course  It was extremely informative and I now have a better knowledge in handling an immediate rescue

 situation. I'm highly recommending you to other facilities that will benefit from your teachings and expertise Mike CCFP
Thank you for a fantastic class today.  We learned so much & had fun.  YOU are a fantastic instructor. I hope I never need to use what I learned, but feel 100% prepared in case I ever do.Thank you again!   T.P. Rolling Meadows
Best CPR training I ever had" ( and I had 8) BCA
"Very well prepared" BCA
"So much more info then other classes" BCA
"Educational, Informing,  Perfectly Paced, Great Presenters"  BCA
"Not only educational, but fun to learn" BCA
"ABSOULUTELY Best BLS presentation I ever received"  Cds (2013)
great job putting together a team that was able to handle all the incidents that came up" Mark H rF Chicag
 "I enjoyed the class a, most comfortable I ever felt about CPR." C.T.  R.N. Chicag
    "It was fun, upbeat, I would recommend this group." TC LPN Chicago
  " Excellent class, instructor was enthusiastic and concerned that we learn properly. Would recommend this class to anyone." A.P.R.N. Schaumberg"Instructor most informative,excellent grasp on subject. Would enjoy having him as an instructor not only for this class but is highly recommended for others"  R.S DDS
" Excellent Service, Thanks Tom!" Rev.Pic Chicago

"Very thorough, excellent, well organized program" D.M. DDS

"Instructor very clear and concise. Kept class moving at a comfortable pace. Information was clear and interesting!" S.C. Mundelin

"Tom made CPR very fun. He is very knowledgeable and energetic." K.M. Chicago

 "Wanted to give feedback regarding the training today. I thought the class was very informative and enjoyable. Both you and the other trainers were very helpful and approachable.
Thanks for making the training fun!"
MB, RN Mt. Prospect

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